Do you want to get the complete benefits of the keto diet? Then, it is important to do one thing. Yes, you should know whether your body has moved to the ketosis state. Of course, the ketone diet (keto diet) suggests a certain percentage of carb, protein, and fat per day. However, some people get to keto state by reducing the carb consumption only to a certain limit. But, for some, they will have to reduce more carb and take more fat. You can know whether your body has moved to ketosis in many ways. Let us consider that the result shows that your body has not moved to this state. What should you do? You will have to make changes to your diet pattern. For instance, you might be consuming too less protein. Even, you might eat too much protein. Only your ketone levels will help you identify it.

How to test ketone levels in your body?

You can do the test in the following ways:

There are three different testing methods. The reason is that there are three varied forms of ketones in your body. The forms are beta-hydroxybutyate, acetoacetate and acetate. Each one of them does different things. They function in different forms as well. They are also present in your body in three different places. Yes, they are blood, urine, and breath. The good thing here is that you can do all these tests right at your home. Also, you need not have any fancy high-tech gadget to test.

At least when your body is getting used to ketogenic diet testing is important. It will help you know how your body reacts to different variables. The variables include the amount of food you take, the type of food, and the exercise. Further, a specific level cannot be called as the ideal ketone level. The reason is that it differs from one person to another. It also differs based on the specific goals of individuals. You can know your ideal level when you start getting the intended benefits from the diet.

Pros and cons of different testing methods:

Method Type of ketone body Measured Pros Cons
Urine Strips Acetoacetate Quick and easy

Strips are affordable

You can get messy with urine

It will give accurate result only sometimes

You cannot get precise measurement

Breathe Meter Acetone Reusable device

It does not use bodily fluids.

Indirect measurement

Inaccurate measurement

Takes longer time to get the reading as compared to other two

Inconsistent reading

Blood Meter Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Highly accurate and precise measurement

Most dependable and effective to know ketone levels

Strips are expensive

Drawing blood can be a little painful

Types of ketone bodies:

The different testing methods test shows the different ketone bodies. Now, you know that there are three such bodies. Here is an image to show the difference:

How to interpret ketone results?

If you use any of the three methods, you should know how to interpret the results. All three methods are pretty easy to use. They come with instructions on what your results indicate.

How accurate is the ketone meter or stick?

As compared to urine testing, your blood ketone meter will give you accurate results. The reason is that your urine test will show pink color even if you are in deep ketosis. So, for more accurate results, it is better to rely on testing your blood. Yes, you are true, it will cost you more as compared to the other two. Even, it will be painful as you will have to draw blood every time.

With these things known, you might be interested in understanding other testing methods. The good news is that you can use your symptoms as well to guess. Some symptoms you experience will tell whether your body is in ketosis:

Do You feel mentally clear? Do you know that your brain uses a considerable amount of energy? Yes, when you eat carbs, you will experience energy swings. It means that there will be swings in the mental performance as well. But, when you are in ketosis, your brain will rapidly use the ketones for fuel. So, you will experience a mental clarity than ever before.

Do you have a better Hunger control? Let us consider that your body begins to use ketones. The body will have a constant supply of energy. It means that it will not crave for food. Do you feel that there is a sharp drop in the hunger pangs? It is a good sign that you are in ketosis. Do you realize that 14 hours have passed after you last ate, but still you are energetic? It is a sure sign that you are in ketosis.

Are you experiencing sustained energy levels? Nearly 90-120 minutes after your carb consumption, you will feel a drop in the energy levels. But, when you are in ketosis it will never happen. The reason is that your body has started relying on the unlimited fat source.

Is there an increased thirst and dry tissues? When you are in ketosis, there will be an increase in urination. The reason is that your body has started using the excess glycogen. If you do not add any electrolyte or salt, you will feel thirsty. Even, you might experience dry tissues for a short period. If these things happen, they are signs of ketosis.

Do you have a fruity smell in your breath? It can be an indication that you are in ketosis. However, it is not accurate. The reason is that it is a closer reflection of ketoacidosis. However, most days when you wake up, you will experience a unique mouthfeel. It is an indication that you are in ketosis.


Testing your ketone levels is important. But, you should not feel obsessed with the levels. You can rely on the symptoms mentioned above. If you experience any of these symptoms you can just get your blood tested once. It is not essential to test frequently by spending hugely on meters. Follow the diet chart and you are sure to get there. To even better your results, why not look into CBD oil? It has proven to be effective for many of our regular users.